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We provide short answers to all garage door matters. If you're still wondering how to clean, paint and maintain your garage door, get your answers here. You will find plenty more of information.

  • What is the useful life of a garage door?

    Most modern steel doors can last for around 25 years. With proper maintenance, this period can be extended to 30 and possibly even 35 years. Keep in mind that these numbers apply only to the door itself and not to the hardware. Most components enabling the movement of the door including the motor have a much shorter useful life.

  • What are the pros and cons of a screw drive opener?

    They have fewer components compared to their chain and belt drive counterparts so the risk of them failing is lower. Their maintenance is also considered to be easier. Another major advantage of these garage door openers is that they tend to be faster than the rest. Their main drawback is that their performance may get affected by temperature drops.

  • Does it matter which motor is used?

    Selecting a motor with the correct amount of horsepower for your application will keep you from buying a new motor sooner than expected. However, if you’re concerned about sound projection, DC motors tend to be quieter than AC motors. Make sure you always select a motor with more than enough power to get the job done.

  • Can any remote be used?

    Paying attention to the year, make and model of your opener can always be useful. However, if you’re selecting a universal remote, sync-ability won’t matter at all if the two devices are from separate eras. Make sure that both devices are from the same era, and ensure that their frequency range and encryption/decryption codes are compatible.

  • What garage door problems should I watch out for?

    Generally, you will be looking for problems that come from wear and tear. Because of the multitude of garage door parts involved, technicians located in Staten Island recommend a near-constant routine of garage door maintenance or lubrication to make sure that everything is running smoothly.

  • What’s the benefit of having an automatic/electric garage door opener?

    Automatic garage door openers are, most obviously, practical; these handy remotes allow you to program when your garage door opens and shuts. This saves time and energy that you can spend at better pursuits.

  • What is R-value?

    R-value is the measure of thermal efficiency. Higher R-value means greater insulation efficiency. Knowing the R-value can be important, especially for those who do a lot of activity in their garage, or those with a room above their garage.

  • What are the benefits of a wooden garage door?

    Our technicians working in Staten Island find that wooden garage doors have plenty of decorative options. While they also provide security and insulation, wooden doors are best in terms of aesthetic design, with a surface that can be easily painted or stained to get the look you want.

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