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Gate Repair Services

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It is a great honor for Garage Door Repair Staten Island to serve all garage door but also gate needs of clients. We are a two-system service provider and thanks to our organization we manage to keep each client satisfied. There are some similarities but also main differences among these two automatic systems and apart from knowing every little detail about them, our technicians have great expertise in their opening systems as well. This is the way we work! We are trained, familiarize ourselves with upgraded and new opener models for both systems, keep track of any new accessory and learn everything new about intercoms. We are amazing contractors, ready to assist you every single moment.

Get the best of our gate services

Gate Repair in New YorkWhen it comes to gates, you need a reliable contractor for all services. This is us! We know everything about them and have the right foundations, experience and knowhow to provide great quality repairs. You can expect:
Electric gate operator repair
We are top contractors for sliding gate operator repair. We fix anything that is wrong with the motor, the wiring, sensors and every other part of the opener system. We are aces in swing gate operator replacement and our installation services always follow the safety regulations down to the last detail.

Gate remote replacement

Remotes are replaced as soon as you report them missing. If you simply cannot open the gate using the clicker, we come to troubleshoot the system before we suggest clicker replacement. In such cases, our response is quick since clients ought to have access to their driveway.

Automatic gate troubleshooting

Contact our company as soon as you discover the electric gate not closing well or something wrong with its movement. We are fantastic troubleshooting experts, use great equipment and come as soon as possible for services. We repair the problem as soon as it is diagnosed.

Sliding gate rollers replacement

There are several rollers in each rolling gate and we take care of all of them. We also repair the rear roller and when we replace them, we first check whether their brackets need replacement, too. Rust is the most common problem with these parts and that's why movement becomes noisy and difficult.

Emergency gate services

We have knowledgeable emergency contractors and offer emergency services. When parts are broken, the gate won't close properly or the swing gate panels are dragged on dirt due to lack of adjustment, call us for services. Problems, which become threats, are treated fast. We keep our trucks equipped in order to shorten down the time of our arrival.

Our persistence as technicians is shown when problems are demanding and when new products come out. In the case of the former, our customers should know that we never give up. Our skills surpass every problem and we always fix them no matter how hard or odd they might be. In the case of the latter, it's reassuring for clients to know that our technicians are knowledgeable because they keep expanding their current knowledge with updating and training.

We are the perfect teams for all services. Call us for any problem today!

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