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Excellent tips on how to keep the garage door strong. Read the best recommendations and ideas here

Explore the secrets of garage doors by going through and carefully reading the following tips

  • Easy paint guard

    The paint on your garage is a buffer between it and erosion. However, your paint job also adds value to your home. Applying a thin layer of colorless hydrophobic chemicals or a light coat of wax can protect your paint job from water damage and minor scuffs.

  • Make sure the photo eyes are installed properly

    The photo eyes of your garage door opener must be installed each on every side of the door and 6 inches above the floor. This way, they will detect the smallest object or pet passing under the door. They must also be properly adjusted so that the beams can see each other.

  • Keep doors secure

    Garage doors are primarily for security and safety of the home. To enable their functionality, you must also keep them securely placed on their position. Additional locks, bolts, and other security measures or upgrades on the garage door would also help in keeping your home safe and secure.

  • Don't underestimate the value of rolling codes

    Whether you get a new garage door clicker or wireless keypad, the specialists of our company in Staten Island would recommend investing in access control systems which work with rolling codes. The code will change with every single click and won't be traceable by anyone.

  • Replacing Garage Door Glass

    If you’re thinking about repairing the garage door glass yourself, make sure you carry out proper safety measures. Firstly, wear rubber gloves to protect your hands. Secondly, you need to cover the nearby area of the garage with newspapers or cloths so that the installing doesn’t induce scratches. With that said, it's important to remember that complex repairs should be done only by experts. It is advised to contact our professionals in Staten Island for more information.

  • Halted Garage Door – Sensor Issue

    The garage door mechanism runs on the basis of a simple sensor controlled circuitry. The sensors are responsible for moving the door around. If you face issues related to a malfunctioning control movement, make sure to check if the sensors are in place. Fix them before you move onto other repair issues.

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